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Internship Content Creation Hanze CTLabs

We at the Hanze’s CTLabs are opening up an internship position for content creation and communication after the holidays. We’re looking for someone who has an affinity for (creative) media and new technology, and loves creative outlets; written articles, social media (cringe)posts, videos, songs, paintings, poetry, anything interactive, etc. Basically, we want you to “create” “content” that amuses – and of course informs – our target audience(s).

About us:

CTLabs has carved out a niche for itself in terms of social media and communication presence, in that we have a lot of freedom to create things that both our audience and we ourselves enjoy. We function as a bridge between the Hanze’s creative technology studies (CMD & CMGT) and their student bodies. Our primary task is to improve the student experience – either through offering help and facilities for their classes, or hosting special interest clubs and workshops, or just creating fun things to amuse them. We’re looking to expand that arsenal of output, however, to keep people engaged and grow our image as a fun part of the Hanze experience. English would be the main language for this position, but Dutch knowledge is very helpful.

Our Content Creation Intern will have a leading executive role in that process. Part of the internship would be formalizing and developing our (social media) planning, but the main part is just plain ol’ making things; Recording and editing video, writing articles, creating social media posts, etc.

About you:

What we’re looking for, is an intern (a student applying for an internship as a formal part of their education) with any combination of the following:

  • Social media skills
  • Graphic design qualities
  • Video editing experience
  • Photographic practice
  • Writing knowledge
  • Creative brain
  • Technological interests
  • English proficiency

The job:

What we’re offering is a paid internship for 5-6 months (40 hours per week, starting end of August or in September), with:

  • (semi-)Professional hardware
  • Unlimited access to training courses through LinkedIn Learning
  • The knowledge and inventory of the CTLabs
  • A lot of creative freedom

If you are our next intern, feel free to convince us by applying to this position. We look forward to receiving your CV and cover letter at, before the end of June.