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Team Rocket invades Hanze

Bad news, trainers: Team Rocket has been spotted doing nefarious deeds in the greater Groningen region, and word is that they plan to invade Hanze as well. We need your skills as a trainer to help fend them off.

team rocket

We need YOU!

If you want to help us fight the evil forces off, then sign up with your party of Pokémon right here and now: What you need is a Nintendo Switch + Scarlet / Violet. Decide beforehand which 6 Pokes going to be in your party, and what items you bring. Note that you cannot add new Pokémon to your team during the invasion, so bring a well-balanced party suited for Doubles Battles! (Also note that you can't bring duplicate Pokémon, or duplicate items. And no legendaries or mythicals) All Pokémon will be set to lvl 50 during the event.

Of course, you're all encouraged to prepare for the combat by joinging the Pokémon Club meetings (check the club channel in the CTLabs Discord for more). Your party plus their move set will be checked by your local Poké-club champions, to make sure we're all ready to battle!

Sign up here!: